Magnus. The new veterinary-specific MRI offered exclusively by our friends at AIP

Here are a few tips to improve your brain studies.

A common question we get as a veterinary neurologists is, “What anticonvulsant should I use in this cat?” Well, the answer is….”it depends”.

What do you do when presented with a dog with seizures? Here is a flow chart of our diagnostic approach.

Female English Bulldog Shaking Head

The movements of the dogs in the videos below resemble the syndrome called Idiopathic Head Tremor.

Below is a list of canine neurologic disease tests in alphabetical order by breed. Click on the disease of interest to be linked to one of the laboratories providing the test. 

Use landscape mode for your videos

Videos are extremely helpful, especially in veterinary neurology. We highly encourage you to submit your and your clients’ videos with

Brain tumor in a 12-year-old golden retriever with seizures

Canine brain tumors are frequently encountered in veterinary medicine. 

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Tiny Reviews: JVIM Sept/Oct 2017

This issue of JVIM has standard articles on wireless EEG, clinicopathologic and MRI features of FIP, and the relationship of brachycephaly in Persian cats with hydrocephalus.

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Tiny Reviews: JVIM July/August 2017

This issue of JVIM has neurologic articles on myoclonus and myotonia (previously reviewed), paroxysmal dyskinesia, hereditary ataxia, cerebral microbleeds, and intranasal midazolam.

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Not-So-Tiny Review: JVIM July/August 2017 – Myoclonus and Myotonia

Neurologic article reviews on this issue of JVIM will be divided into two posts. This first post is solely on the Lowrie and Garosi article on myoclonus and myotonia.

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ACVIM Forum 2017 Neurology Pearls


Pearls from this year’s ACVIM forum include reports on pharmacokinetics of levetiracetam (Keppra), disk herniation, risk factors of meningoencephalitis of unknown origin (MUO), movement disorders, and vertebral osteosarcoma.

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