Tiny Reviews: JAVMA April 1, 2017

Neurology articles in this issue of JAVMA are case reports on a spinal neurenteric cyst and spinal osteosarcoma.

Spinal neuroenteric cyst

Dr. Alder, et. al., reported on an 11-year-old English cocker Spaniel with chronic progressive ataxia of the pelvic limbs. MRI revealed an extradural spinal cord compression originating from or infiltrating the L4 lamina. Hemilaminectomy was performed and histology showed a neurenteric cyst. The dog’s signs improved and became clinically normal. The late onset and of clinical signs of this rare congenital malformation were suspected to have been due to continuous production of mucus by goblet cells. Congenital neurenteric cysts should be considered as a differential diagnosis for neoplastic disease in dogs in which MRI shows an extradural mass affecting vertebral structures.

Spinal osteosarcoma

Dr. Krimins and her team discussed a 9-year-old Rottweiler that was examined for pelvic limb ataxia and an acute onset of paresis. Radiography revealed an abnormal radiopacity suggestive of a mass at T11. Two 3.5 cm long osseous core biopsy specimens of the mass were obtained by MRI guidance. Histology showed osteosarcoma. The acquisition of biopsy specimens by MRI guidance is an emerging technique in veterinary medicine. This technique can potentially be used to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of disease. MRI guidance techniques may also be useful for local administration of chemotherapeutics or radiofrequency ablation of various neoplasms of the vertebral column.

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