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    Our mission is to guide you, the veterinarian, in the diagnosis and management of your neurologic cases.

    Based on your history, examination, labwork, videos, and, if available, advanced imaging (MRI or CT), we will give you a diagnosis (or differentials), recommendations, and prognosis. We also offer antiepileptic drug advice.

    Our NEW and IMPROVED online form is simple to fill out and you can upload up to 125 mb of media (we highly encourage you to submit videos). Our fees are very competitive. You will only collaborate with ACVIM board-certified neurologists. Click here for a sample report.

  • Pricing

    • Basic
      • $50 USD
        • Detailed report
        • Recommendations
        • Upload up to 125 mb media
        • < 12 hr turnaround
        • NOT for MRI or CT reports
    • Advanced imaging
      • $150 USD
        • Same as Basic plus….
        • MRI or CT report of one region (brain, cervical cord, thoracic cord, or lumbar cord)
        • Additional MRI regions are $75 per region
        • Five followups (see below for what a followup entails)
        • < 12 hr turnaround
    • Emergency surcharge
      • $50 USD
        • Add-on to Basic or Advanced for emergency cases
        • < 3 hr turnaround from 7am to 7pm EST
        • < 6 hr turnaround from 7pm to 7am EST
    • Followups
      • $25
        • Includes CSF results, blood tests, therapeutic drug levels, etc
  • Account or Credit Card

    We accept major credit cards or we can also set up accounts with established clients. Please contact us if you would like to set up a payment account.

  • How it Works

    First, decide if you are going to fill out the NeuroWebVet form by hand and upload it, or if you want to fill out the form online.

    Additional fields will appear as you fill out forms.

    1. Select payment type then the type of consult you want: Basic, Advanced, or Emergency (for more details see the above pricing)
    2. Agree to Terms of Use
    3. You will be taken to a page that will ask you to upload your NEATLY filled out NeuroWebVet form OR to fill out the online form.
      1. If you select form upload, you will have a few fields to fill out then you can upload several files up to 125 MB.
      2. If you chose to fill out the form online, there well be a few pages of information from the physical and neurologic exam for you to enter. You may also save your partially filled form and continue it later. You will be able to upload several files at the end of the form, again, up to 125 MB.
      3. Either way, you can also upload files by dragging and dropping from your computer or directly from your Dropbox.
    4. We will contact you by fax or by email with your report within the period specified on the consult selected.
    5. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us! We are happy to assist!

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    Form was user friendly, easy to follow. Very helpful!


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    Dr Edgell


    Thank you for the careful attention and detailed reports on Frieda. I will definitely use your service again!!. For veterinarians in smaller communities it is hard for us to get clients to travel to referral centers. This kind of thing is a great alternative for us.


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